A Productive First Day in Tokyo (Day 1)

Text and photos by Sezim Altynbek

A hospitable staff and cosy atmosphere in Shinagawa Prince Hotel made us to believe that the rest of the day would be pleasant. To fulfil the goals of MIRAI 2017, our busses headed straight for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) at 9.30 am after all the participants finished their breakfast.

On the way to the MOFA, we could see citizens of Tokyo rushing towards their jobs. One of the participants of the program made a parallel of the city with the Financial District in San-Francisco and Wall Street in NYC.  However, it should be noted that even though Tokyo has the same business rhythm, participants could feel its unique atmosphere.

The first day in Tokyo was focused on orientation and significant lectures. Even though all three lectures were completely different from each other in terms of topics and delivery style, they kept the attention of the participants active.

Students were invited to lunch to chat with professors and speakers after the first lecture about “Lingering Mind and Emotional Control.” The first day was concluded with two lectures that where based on serious topics like, “Sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI),” “Recent Situation Surrounding North Korea and Japan’s Policy toward North Korea.”

Participants had dinner at a restaurant and were returned to the hotel by 8.00 pm. They were given a chance to digest their meal together with information that they learned during the productive day.


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