Hiroshima: Between tradition and remembrance

Text and photos by Marcel Nobis

Only one day in Hiroshima ­– so we had a tough program for just a short day. We started at 8 am and drove by bus to Mijajimaguchi. Even the route to Mijajimaguchi was worthy the early start in the morning. We saw how Hiroshima awoke and the light of the sun touched the top of the hills. At Mijajimaguchi we took the Ferry to Mijajima. It was the first time we saw the traditional Japan. We had some free time on the island and used it to explore the area. I really enjoyed the calm atmosphere around the Buddhist temple and spend some minutes there to think about my experiences of the last days. Afterwards we bought some fresh maple leaf cake and tried it. I can definitely recommend it.

On our way back to the city centre we tried to make some Origami cranes. Emphasis is placed on the word tried. Some cranes looked quite good. I tried hard but in the end the crane didn’t stand. But for the first time it was acceptable. We placed the paper cranes close to the Children’s Peace Monument. Afterwards we entered the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. We attended a lecture by a Hibakusha (an atomic bomb victim). Her stories about the suffering the people of Hiroshima experienced were extremely memorable. After a short tour through the museum we caught the Shinkansen to Kyoto and left Hiroshima and a exiting day behind us.


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