MIRAI Winter Program – Art View and High Speed

Text and photos by: Tamara Rudinac
MIRAI Day 2 – Art View and High Speed

Today, we started our tour with visiting Tokyo National Museum. Despite the fact that I am usually not that keen on going to museums, I really enjoyed the exhibition and I even need to admit that the 90 minutes we had to walk around on our own were not enough to fully examine all exhibits. We had the privilege to see different ancient Japanese things such as pictures, paintings, tools or statues. In that way, we were able to gain much knowledge on the roots of Japanese culture, which was quite unknown for me, as I hadn’t learned anything about it during history classes at school. After this great experience, we were offered a very nice buffet next to salmon as the main dish for lunch. Food and service were excellent. However, as the day before, it was not typical Japanese food (like Ramen or Sushi). For the next days, I really hope that we can try more from this kitchen even though I am well aware of the fact that it can be hard to satisfy everyone’s needs when it comes to food.

After lunch, we headed straight to Roppongi Hills Mori Tower where we first enjoyed an amazing 360-degree panoramic view of Tokyo, not only from inside but also from outside on the sky deck. Besides, we had the chance to visit Mori Art Museum, which hosted a great exhibition. The whole arrangement was full of various optical illusions that aimed at making us visitors think about the reality that is surrounding us each day. It was very interactive so that everyone was part of the exhibition. At first, we thought that two hours for visiting both the observation deck and the Mori Art Museum would be too much but in the end, it was perfectly enough to see everything. Unfortunately, the weather was not as good as it has been during the last days but at least, it did not rain. I really hope that the participants of the next MIRAI program will be able to fully enjoy the sun in Tokyo!

Our last program point today was taking the Shinkansen to get to our next destination, Hiroshima. It was an unbelievable experience to travel with this fast train, which can easily beat the highest speed of the fastest German train. Apart from that, the train was very comfortable, especially because of the great leg space. During the trip, we received a typical Bento Box for dinner. It was very interesting to taste this variation of small dishes. Additionally, our very nice guides showed us how to fold origami cranes, which was a nice cultural experience. Due to all these nice activities, time flew and the Shinkansen trip ended very fast. We arrived safely at our hotel in Hiroshima and went to bed with the nice feeling of having had a day full of new memories of and feelings about the vibrant city of Tokyo.



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  1. Anastasia Dimitriou December 10, 2017 — 6:08 pm

    How can I participate in this program?


    • thank you for your comment and your interest in the MIRAI Program. To find out about timings and application processes of the MIRAI Program kindly contact the Embassy of Japan in your home country. As different countries participate in each edition of the program we do not have this information. The embassy will be able to give you all the relevant information.
      Good Luck! 🙂


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