Tokyo from above, Shinkansen from inside and Hiroshima by night

Text and photo by: Jan Ternberger
On the second day of our journey we visited the Japanese national museum, went to the Roppongi hills and finally travelled to Hiroshima by the shinkansen. Even at the second day, the breakfast offered in the hotel stunned us by its huge selection. Especially the huge variety of Japanese food made us try out many new dishes and up to this date I was not always able to figure out what I actually ate. Energised by several cups of coffee we boarded the bus on the way to the Japanese national museum. It exhibits the most valuable treasures of Japan and allows the visitor to understand Japanese history through numerous pieces of arts starting from the early jômon pottery and leading up to the sword-craftsmanship of the samurai. After insightful 90 minutes we headed to a very stylish restaurant in downtown Tokyo to grab some tasty salmon along with a diverse buffet of vegetables and sweets. Happy and filled we headed to the Roppongi hills to enjoy the fantastic view over Tokyo and the interactive art exhibition. After a first impression of the view over Tokyo from the inside we went upstairs to the outside deck to experience Tokyo from above. Unfortunately, our view was limited by the foggy weather and thus we were very happy to go back inside and spend more time admiring the setup of challenging illusions exhibited in the museum. Ranging from an illusion of swimming boats which were actually hanging from the ceiling to a glass wall which made the reflections of our bodies look like we were in a seemingly empty classroom, we were amazed by the creativity of the artists and the importance of the messages transferred. Inspired by such thoughtful and interactive art we headed to the shinkansen train to travel to Hiroshima. We were all excited to experience the infamous bullet train first hand and were not disappointed by the vast amount of space and comfort. After a long train ride, some slept and some chatted away, we were all happy to check into our rooms and end such a long and interesting day.
While some went straight into bed others finished the day by relaxing in the hotel-owned Japanese-style bath.



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