Visiting Waseda

Text and photos: Isabel de Carpi Mimbela

December 11, 2017

Today we have visited Waseda University, one of the most prestigious Japanese universities. Waseda University was founded in 1882 by Okuma Shigenobu and it is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Together with my colleagues, I attended to two very interesting lectures: The first lecture, Old Japonisme and New Japonisme was given by Professor Norimasa Morita and it dealt with the evolution of the most relevant cultural aspects of Japan, from the Sengoku Era to nowadays. The second lecture was given by Professor Yuji Uesugi and it was titled All Japan Approach to International Peace Operation. This two lectures served as a starting point for the activity we were doing in the afternoon. After the second lecture, we had a lunch break and so we went to the university’s cafeteria where we could eat together with Japanese students. At 14:15 we had a Group discussion around the topics that were presented in the lectures as well as the essays we had to prepare beforehand. It was a very interesting experience to be able to listen to my colleagues opinions about the topics. Next, a presentation of the conclusions was carried out by two spokesperson from each group.

Finally we had a lovely closing reception in a café called Good Morning Café where we enjoyed very tasty food, snacks and drinks.

Today was a very rewarding experience. I am grateful that we were given the opportunity to visit such an institution as Waseda University.


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